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Marcus A. Weston


Marcus A. Weston The founder of Globuwshop has a lot of experience in the business because it was his passion and he started his career very young. His daring and brilliant personality allows him to gather data and information from many sources without fear. His experience and influence help to provide the site with the latest news in the business niche.

Dolores L. Bartley


From television to the Internet platform, Dolores has changed his digital media career at Globuwshop. She has been a journalist on popular news channels and is currently bringing his experience to Globuwshop writing about technology.

Dolores L. Bartley

Contributor (Tech)

Dolores has a degree in science and has a solid experience in managing scientific content. Its strengths include a solid scientific and astronomical knowledge.

Francis D. Ekstrom


Francis has worked as a journalist for various print magazines for over 5 years. He is a lover of science and space, who wants to highlight himself in this field, especially in the field of human anatomical studies. Maintaining and maintaining quality articles for Tribune Byte in the Science & Education genre.

Laura C. Smith


Laura C. Smith was part of the journey from the beginning of Newz Wave. She is a strong student and a passionate writer. Write down intellectual pieces from the Health category.

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